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Company’s Business Operations


The Company operates as a financial services aggregator which provides a menu of financial services in collaboration with its Business Partners through its nationwide Franchise Network.


The Company’s business model offers community-based entrepreneurs the following: a) an opportunity to join a franchise network which requires low start-up investment and no physical inventory; b) a portfolio of financial and non-financial products and services which is continually expanding; and c) a user-friendly proprietary “E-Payment System” which manages and administers these products and services.

Interested applicants may avail of a 3-year, 5-year, or lifetime term Franchise. All a Franchisee needs is to have a ‘brick-and-mortar’ shop or “payment center” with a computer, printer and internet connection. Once the franchise application is accepted, the Franchisee will then be able to offer the Company’s portfolio of services to its End Customer. The E-Payment System allows the Franchisee to maintain and use a single Load Wallet for all services and to conduct transactions in a secure environment. It also enables the Company to conduct account reconciliation efficiently, easily manage funds flow, and generate real-time reports.

From the start of its commercial operations in November 2011 until the end of December 2016, the Company’s Franchise Network has grown phenomenally at an annual rate of 204%, from 4 to 1,031 outlets nationwide. As of December 31, 2016, ninety Percent (90%) of its Franchisees are Luzon-based, less than half of which are located in the NCR region.


As a financial services aggregator, the Company continuously partners with leading financial and nonfinancial service providers for its integrated portfolio of services. These services can be broken down into the following categories:

1. Prepaid Loading (“Paload”):

Franchisees can dispense over 300 types and denominations of e-loads of SMART, SUN and GLOBE, as well as e-PINS of call cards, prepaid internet, online gaming, satellite cards and other types of prepaid products, without having to maintain a physical card inventory.

In order to expand their customer base, Franchisees can maintain their own network of authorized individual dealers, and these dealers can likewise maintain their own network of individual retailers. Revenue from discounts or commissions earned from the sale of prepaid load are shared among the Company, Franchisee, dealers and retailers – based on a pre-determined fixed rate structure basis.

The Company provides free access of its proprietary mobile retailing system, XPLOAD, to its Franchise Network. This enables the Franchisee to register an unlimited number of dealers and retailers who are able to dispense the list of prepaid products offered by the Franchisee. The system keeps track of all prepaid load transactions in the network and credits the earned revenue automatically into the respective electronic wallet of all parties in the distribution chain, in accordance with the built-in fixed rate discount and commission structure.


2. Bills Payment (“PaBayad”)

The Company provides a reliable and efficient system for Franchisees to provide bills payment services to customers for over 140 billers, both regionally and nationally. These include utilities (i.e. electricity, water, cable/ internet, credit/ debit cards, insurance, telco, bank loan payments, SSS contributions, airline travel, NSO certificates, schools, charitable institutions, as well as regional electric cooperatives/ water districts/ cable companies, and many more. The fixed revenue earned as a collection agent of bills payments from customers is shared between the Company and the Franchisee.

The Company regularly initiates and implements marketing promotion programs to assist its Franchisees in attracting end-customers to use its various financial services products. One such recent promotional program was the ‘Balik PhP 5 kada Bill’promo where customers would receive a PhP 5 voucher for every bill payment which can be used for any of Expresspay’s services, e.g. cellphone load, cash-in, cash-out, courier service or any subsequent bills payment. This promotional campaign was implemented by the Company from December 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 to spur increase in bills payment volumes as well as to provide an opportunity of “giving back to our customers and their communities, for their continued trust and support.”


3. Cash in Cash out Transfers & Courier Services (“PaDala”)

The Company provides its Franchisees with the opportunity to offer its customers different options for Money Transfer service. Revenue earned from a percentage commission from each transaction depending on the amount sent or claimed is shared among the sending outlet, the receiving outlet and the Company. This service caters to domestic cash-in, cash-out services.

Domestic Transfers:

Customers can avail of several domestic cash-in, cash-out models available at Expresspay outlets, as shown below:

  • Door-to-Door Delivery (Nationwide):

The money remitted-in is hand-carried directly to the beneficiary. Each delivery transaction is insured. Delivery is done nationwide with delivery time varying depending on the location

  • Branch-to-Branch:

The money remitted-in can be claimed by the sender’s beneficiary, through any of the Company’s 1,000+ Franchisees nationwide or from any of the outlets of one of the Company’s strategic partners which include: 4,000+SMART Money and G-Cash centers.


4. Courier Services (“PaDala”)

The Company has entered into a strategic alliance with a courier partner to offer same-day nationwide delivery with free pick-up, money-back guarantee and insurance coverage for both parcel and cargo through its network of franchisees.


5. Other Services (“Atbp”)

  • Travel and Tours

The Company, in partnership with an accredited travel and tour agency provides limited travel and tours agency services to End-Customers. Customers may purchase tickets from various domestic and international airlines as well as book sea travel itineraries from 2GO Travel and secure hotel bookings at any Expresspay payment outlet.

  • Microinsurance

Aside from the aforementioned services, XP’s network of payment centers also serves as a distribution channel for ExpressCare Personal Accident Insurance, a microinsurance product provided by Federal Phoenix Group (FPG) which provides personal accident insurance to the policy holder.

  • Others

Select Expresspay outlets also carry the following retail items which customers can be purchased at the outlet: SMART and SUN SIM cards & Broadband, and Hanabishi appliances.